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3D Printing.

MELD Workshop is a membership-based shop that provides
its members with the tools and classes
to make things out of other things.

MELD Workshop,
A gym membership for makers,
do'ers and innovators.

MELD Workshop. Make. Educate. Learn. Do.

MELD Workshop is a makerspace in Fargo, ND. A makerspace is like a gym, but instead of exercise equipment, members have access to equipment that allows them to channel their creativity in new ways with access to advanced tools, classes, and materials.

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Recent Articles

MELD Workshop Is Closing

At least, the membership-based side of things is closing.  After nearly a year of operation, I can't afford to keep MELD open anymore. Long story

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Turning More Attention Toward MELD

Meld-logo-v1-4x3 link to Turning More Attention Toward MELD
It's official, I'm moving to doing MELD Workshop and Fargo 3D Printing full-time! What does this mean for MELD? I'll be able to focus more of

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We have the tools that will let you turn that idea that's been bouncing around in your head into something real. MELD Workshop is a place with the tools and equipment, classes, and materials that you need to make it happen. Membership includes access to things like:

  • 3D printers
  • 50w laser cutter/engraver
  • Metal mill/drill
  • Metal lathe
  • Electronics design and testing equipment
  • Hot-air rework station and soldering irons
  • Lounge area with free coffee, comfortable seating, and WiFi provided

"It's the workshop you wish you had! With tools and equipment like 3D printers, laser cutter, electronics tools, and a members-only lounge, it's the place to go to turn your ideas, inventions, and weekend aspirations into the real deal."

Founder, John Schneider

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