Laser Cutting/Engraving

Custom engrave items like wine glasses, name badges, fraternity paddles, coasters, edge-lit acrylic signs, corporate gifts, you name it! We can engrave an object you provide, or can source the products for you!

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3D Printing

Custom 3D printing in either ABS or PLA plastic, in sizes up to 10 in^3. Are you an inventor that wants a physical prototype of your design? An artist who wants to try a new medium? A hobbiest who wants to 3D print a unique part unavailable anywhere else? Our 3D printers can do that.

3D Scanning

Get a 3D scan of yourself, or have a high resolution scan done of an object up to 7.5" in diameter and 9.75" tall! Great for modelers who want to get a head start on modifying an existing object.

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