Raspberry Pi 8GB SD Card Bundle

​Want to get started with the Raspberry Pi but worried that the setup is too complicated? This bundle includes the latest and greatest Raspberry Pi computer and 8GB SD card preloaded with the NOOBs (New Out Of Box) image from the Raspberry Pi foundation. 

Just add your keyboard, mouse, and monitor, insert the SD card, and plug in your Pi. You’ll then be prompted with a choice of operating systems to install. Want to change? Just hold down the shift key on boot to return to the NOOBs interface. It’s almost too easy.. 

You’ll need to supply your own USB keyboard, mouse, display, HDMI cable, USB A to Micro cable, 1.0A 5V USB power supply.


  • MELD Workshop
  • 12 November, 2013
  • Rotating rack
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