E&L CADET II Ruggedized Electronic Circuit Trainer

The C.A.D.E.T. II is a Complete Electronics Trainer that includes all the functions needed to teach basic AC/DC, Linear and Digital Electronics courses. The unit contains all the functions of our highly acclaimed original C.A.D.E.T. plus frequently requested features from educators worldwide. The breadboard area is 33% larger than original C.A.D.E.T., holds up to 32 IC's and comes standard as a removable socket plate with velcro. If you prefer, it can be ordered withour bread boards for use with the extensive line of E&L Trainer Boards. The built-in logic probe will detect narrow logic pulses and eliminate the need for extra lab equipment. The BCD to 7 segment display/decoder saves students time when constucting circuits. The Quad Voltage Power Supply has +5 VDC, two variable DC outputs, and a fixed 12.6 VAC center tapped output. The trainer also includes 8 TTL compatible logic switches and two pulsers
  • MELD Workshop
  • 01 September, 2013
  • electronics

Function Generator:
Frequency Range: 0.1Hz to 100KHz in six ranges
Output voltage: 0 to +10V (20Vp-p)
Output Impedance: 600 ohms (except TTL)
Output current: 10 mA max., short circuit protected.
Output waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle, TTL
Sine wave: Distortion <3% (10Hz to 100KHz)

Logic Probe:
Built-in TTL/CMOS compatible logic probe. Captures fast single shot events and pulse trains. Input impedance 300K, overload protection +50VDC, min. detectable pulse width 100nsec. TTL threshold low +0.8V high +2.25V, CMOS threshold low +30%Vcc high +70%Vcc. Memory mode, latches on first transition and LED remains on until probe is reset.

Breadboarding Area:
A total of 3360 uncommitted tie-points, available on velcro breadboard plate. Two QT-59B, bus strips. Fifty tie-points for each +5V, variable +15V, and ground if desired.

Logic Switches:
8 individual SPDT logic switches, one side of all eight switches connected and switchable to +5V or ground, other side of all eight switches separate, and uncommitted.

Logic Indicators:
16 LED’s 8 red to indicate logic high, 8 green to indicate a logic low.

Debounced Push-Button (Pulsers):
Two push-button operated, open-collector output pulsers, each with one normally-open and one normally- closed output. Each output can sink up to 25mA.

One 1K, one 10K, all leads available and uncommitted.

BNC Connectors:
Two BNC connectors, pin available and uncommit-ted, shell connected to ground.

3-wire AC line input (115V/230V 50-60Hz or 230V 50Hz)-(specify when ordering ) with power indicator.

Power Supplies:
Fixed DC output: +5VDC @ 1.0A, ripple <5mV
Variable DCO/P: +1.3V to +15V @ 0.5A, ripple <5mV
Variable DCO/P: -1.3V to -15V @ 0.5A, ripple <5mV
Fixed AC O/P: 12.6 VAC Center tapped @ 100mA

BCD to 7 Segment Display:
2 BCD to 7 segment display circuits are provided including decoder/driver circuitry. Tie points: 5 per each unit.

TTL Pulse: Rise and fall time <25ns
Drive 10 TTL loads
Square wave: Rise and fall time <1.5µs

Two SPDT slide switches, all leads available and uncommitted.

  • Expanded Removeable breadboard area
  • Two open collector pulsers
  • Built-in multi-waveform function generator
  • Quad voltage power supply: Three DC & one low voltage AC
  • Functions with optional electronics trainer boards
  • Built-in logic probe with pulse capture
  • BCD to 7 segment decoder/display
  • 8 channel logic indicatorsSpecifications

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